Best Love Scene: A Statement

Just reread the cottage scene in Seduce Me at Sunrise and came to a sad realization: There can’t be a better one. There just can’t be. No, it simply doesn’t exist and no, I won’t start babbling about The Romantic again. Kev and Win’s moment of consummation is unparalleled, unique. The passion, the sweetness, the tenderness of these two souls when they are finally joined just makes tears well up in my eyes. It’s too intense.

But maybe… Just maybe, there can be another one (I’m sounding like the magical mirror of the witch queen) that may rival it. Only that for 40 years it has been left to the imaginations of fans worldwide to fill in the gaps between those 8 (the exact number is open to discussion) beautifully drawn pages that we all anticipated with great exuberance. Dear Rose of Versailles fans, It’s safe to show your selves…


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