Thoughts on some historical romance novels #5

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Now, I was gonna combine this review with that of Teresa Medeiros’ Yours Until Dawn but since that one is on its way to evolving into a monster of a blog entry, I thought I’d go on and post this. I don’t think this book deserves a post of its own but since it’s my first Julia Quinn read and since Julia Quinn is so incredibly famous, I’m devoting this post solely to one of her books.

Yes, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton… A sweet story, good characters, clever plot twists, solid romance and deep emotional analyses… So far everything seems fine, expect that this book wasn’t written in the language of historical romances I’m used to. I felt like reading a Gilmore Girls adaptation of the Regency period. Ms. Quinn uses a very contemporary language that I find in contrast with my other favorite historical romance authors. And frankly, I didn’t become a fan of her style. Yes, it was a fun read but it was too charged with dialogue and with a very American-sounding humor. Not exactly what I am looking for in a historical romance.

As for the main characters, it was nice to read about a cheerful, happy hero (with inner turmoils nontheless) for a change, instead of a brooding, dark one. I found Colin to be a very lovable hero. And Penelope is a mixture of Pride and Prejudice‘s Elisabeth Bennet and Mansfield Park‘s Fanny Price. Her harsh and witty criticism of the society around her and her wallflower quality compelled me to make this comparison.

On the whole, I would recommend this book to those who are looking for an fun, easy read. I’m not taking the book lightly when I say that, mind you. Ms. Quinn describes emotions in a very sincere manner, which I admire. But there is no great conflict or drama to get me hooked. Thus, this book is a great distraction with a funny, but nonetheless good love story.

Sensuality rating: Warm (according to All About Romance)


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