Resurrected cups!

I bought these from a flea market in Venice on the first day of my holiday in Italy last kurban bayram. I carried them with me in a bag whenever we traveled by bus as they were too precious to risk getting broken in my luggage. But apparently the universe had already decided on their fate because on our way back at the domestic flights section of the airport, my boyfriend dropped the bag they were in and they were both broken. I was only hours from home after having taken good care of them for over a week! Thankfully my mum glued the pieces back into place and now they are good as new. Well, almost… My boyfriend was so sad he broke them that I couldn’t stay angry with him. It could very well have been me who dropped them judging from my history with clumsiness. The purpose of this post? To make a point that now I can share Instagram photos on my blog somehow easily.



2 Comments to “Resurrected cups!”

  1. Then, congratulations dear :)

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