Hawkeswell’s farewell letter to Verity

This is Hawkeswell’s farewell letter to his wife, Verity, at the of Provocative in Pearls by Madeline Hunter. Needless for me to say, they  confess their love to one another shortly after and get their happy ending. But there is something about letters written by men that make my insides melt. This one is a prime example.

My darling,

As you can see, we found Mr. Bowman. I will write later with a fuller account of his discovery, and the larger plot as well, but for now it is enough that Katy’s son has also been resurrected.

Your cousin Bertram felt moved to admit his misuse of you and his coercion on the marriage, in writing no less, amid confessing his many other sins and naming his accomplices. With that evidence and my agreement, you will have your annulment quickly when you make the petition, I am convinced. It is only right that you should.

Your maid assures me that your favorite garments are in the baggage, as are your jewels. Your cousin and his wife will not be returning to that stone house on the hill, so it is yours again. I do not doubt that the good memories will return and the bad ones will leave once its chambers are filled with your smiles.

I do not give you back your life because I have tired of you, Verity, I do not want you to think that. Quite the opposite. I have discovered, however, that my love for you means that I want you to have the life that you believe that you were supposed to have, even if it means that I will not have the wife I have come to treasure.

Mr. Bowman seems a fine young man. I like him much more than I want to. I am sure that he will see you safely to Oldbury and, in doing so, spare me a difficult farewell.

Your servant,



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