Wallflowers #2

It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

The following review (if you can call it that) contains spoilers.

Aaaand I tolerated It Happened One Autumn. I knew I would be feeling like this after reading this book, so no surprises here. I don’t like heroines who are ridiculously stubborn and who pride themselves in having the upper hand in everything just out of spite. So Lilian is not my kind of heroine but that’s still okay.

What’s not okay is god-damn Westcliff seducing her when she was clearly drunk. Yes, these things happen, for the good sometimes, but still it would have been nice if he were more sensitive about it afterwards. And for the first time while reading a historical romance novel, nonetheless one written by Lisa Kleypas, I couldn’t picture the hero in my head. I just couldn’t come up with a handsome, breath-taking Westcliff. Thank goodness, Simon Hunt was present during most of the book. (“Once a week you said?” Haha, good one!)

But I guess the one thing that had me really hanging at the end is how the hell St. Vincent turned out to be the villain? And more importantly, how the hell is he going to be the hero of the next book, when he was on the brink of raping Lilian (let alone fondling her breasts!)? Yes, I’m very curious indeed *snorts*

Then why am I still reading the Wallflowers, right? Let’s not do any injustice to Lisa Kleypas. She is not the most brilliant author out there (*cough* Madeline Hunter *cough*) but she sure is one of the most (recently) popular ones. And that’s for a reason. I just find myself reading her books. She is the author I’ve read the most books of in the historical romance genre (somebody please correct the syntax here!) Her novels are excellent for light reading. And sometimes she does surprise you by writing something really deep and endearing. I just hope that she’s going to do that for the remaining Wallflowers.

Sensuality rating: Hot (according to All About Romance)


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