Living the cliche

So things seem to have calmed down for some time, as you can tell from the news but also from the content of this entry. But with September being just around the corner, I’m keeping an ear to the ground, Twitter, Facebook, friends… anything that might be labelled as bela.

It is a curious thing, procrastination… That it can get you to post something so redundant as what I’m posting right now when you’ve just started a new full-time job (this time for real) and you’ve got a book to translate is indeed curious. But it’ll make me happy to post this, so there you go *smiles sweetly*

I made these simple but cute and actually quite tasty cookies from Cassey Ho’s Healthy Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich recipe. If you know me in real life and are reading this, I can imagine your surprise because I don’t cook and I don’t have the slightest interest in anything related to cooking. So this is a first for me, curtesy of…  you guessed it, procrastination! The ice-cream part didn’t work out like in the video, but the cookies actually exceeded my expectations. And there are only two ingredients: bananas and oatmeal.

Some fresh summer fruits and my favorite type of tea, Twinings Earl Grey Tea (unlike Ana’s favorite of the same brand) completes this midday snack. Then I went and filtered it as a final touch. If I can’t escape from cooking eventually, I sure can’t escape from the cliche of instagramming it. I even added a hashtag! *OMG*



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