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February 15, 2015

Teoman – Gökdelenler

Another lyrics translation by me. Why such an unknown song by Teoman, I don’t know really. I remember not liking this song much when I was listening this CD back in high school. That doesn’t surprise me when I consider the theme of the song *raises eyebrows suggestively* I guess just the line “tıklım tıklım yalnızdım” (To my overcrowded loneliness) is enough, if I have to come up with a reason. Here’s another great English version and a really awesome French version.


I watched you for a long time
From the other corner of the bar
Came up with a personality
For your face, your heart
Looking at people from afar
I thought of conversations
To be exchanged by their lips
Then I turned to myself
To my overcrowded loneliness

All my life
I spit down at the world
From the top of the skyscrapers
That’s why my mouth is all dry
See, couldn’t get rid of it for years

I don’t know you
But I passed my heart to you
Over the counter
So that you take a sip
And drink some more if you like
Let this be enough
For tonight

Perhaps you can find me now
You’re my last chance, you know
But don’t be afraid, I won’t insist
The alcohol will cheer me up anyway