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April 25, 2015

Teoman – Parti

This was translated on a slightly tipsy train ride from Brussels to Antwerp last week. The Westmalle Triple and the Cantillon Gueuze  (my first Lambic!) I had drunk earlier at Poechenellekelder, coupled with my ‘overcrowded loneliness’ and the setting sun, got me to come up with this after many single and triple clicks on the center button of my earphones. Again, not a popular Teoman song. But I like how the mood builds up and then breaks with the line “Ama korktum” (But I was scared). Such a simple thing to say but it speaks volumes. The moment you hear it, you know how the rest of the story will unfold. I find myself making a dismayed face whenever I hear it in the song. In that way, this song reminds me of the movie Issız Adam.


Sometimes I would
Hold onto your hands firmly
So that you wouldn’t
Slip away from my life too

But then so many times
I pushed you away
Frightened that my love for you
Made me weak

But deep down
I always knew
That you were there
Under my skin

I was so proud that you could
Love me so deeply
Despite me

I had come, I had seen
And I had been defeated
Unable to love
I was about to leave this world
Before you came along

You welcomed me inside you
So warmly
You embraced me
So tightly
And became mine

But I was scared
So scared that
I had something to lose
So I ran back
To the world I knew

The party is over
Everybody has left
The complaint is dismissed
The case is closed

I was hungry
And thirsty and cold
And scorched under the heat
So I came to you

My mouth dry
My voice ragged
My guard down
And my head bowed
“Take me back” I pleaded you

“It’s over” you said
And shut all your doors
“You’re dead to me” you said
“Buried deep”

I waited and waited
And finally understood

The party is over
Everybody has left
The complaint is dismissed
The case is closed