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August 24, 2014

Crocheted lavender pouches


I’ve been working on these for a week now since we cut the lavenders in the vineyard house. I like how tiny and cute they look. I wish I could do more shapes but since I’m using very thin cotton thread, it will be very difficult to add more rows to make them as big as I want, which is already pretty small actually…

January 24, 2013

Awesome Harry Potter-themed light switch!

Awesome Harry Potter-themed light switch!

Just something pretty I found on the internet. The Harry Potter fan in me is kicking though *winks*

December 27, 2012

Language learner’s bookmark

Elif's bookmark

I made these bookmarks for my students! I tutor two middle-schoolers in English and thought I’d give them a small new year’s gift. But I couldn’t come up with anything until I thought of making something myself. I googled quotes for language learners, found this neat one, figured printing it on a bookmark would mean that I encourage them to read and voila! I’m pretty happy with the result considering I didn’t have much time to think about the concept in my head. Though I could have pressed enter before writing the second sentence, duh!

Utku's bookmark

December 6, 2012

Very calm… and cuddly!

I love rabbits! I don’t think I mentioned this before. They are wonderful creatures (like Lisa Kleypas’ Poppy Hathaway!). They are quiet and appear perhaps a bit lacking in interaction but in fact they are very social. They will play games with you and seek your attention when you try to ignore them. They are quiet, cuddly and they like to be in pairs. So far pretty much like me…

I came across these gorgeous rabbit prints when looking for inspiration to change my phone theme. The second one is currently my lock page wallpaper.

by Suzy Taylor

by KeepCalmAndStayGold

Sorry about the horrible contrast this shade of green has with my layout color. I love many shades of green and this is one of them. But when it’s that close to the shade I use on my layout, it really hurts my eyes.

October 6, 2012

“Like a Sir” brooch

This is a project I posted on Busymitts a while ago. I thought I’d post it here as well because, personally, I don’t find Busymitts as accomplished as Ravelry for a craft site. Too bad Ravelry only features knit and crochet projects. Anyway, this is a brooch I made for my best friend. She’s into everything with a hipster feel so I thought something with a mustache would be just for her. Then I came across Sarah Fordham’s adorable cross stitch mustache accessories, available on her Etsy shop. The mustache pattern of this brooch is based on her design. Once I cross stitched the pattern I gave up trying to stitch the cross stitch fabric on the brooch because it looked awkward and because I am very bad at free stitching ^^; So I thought I would make a crochet circle like a scrunchie to hold the fabric in place. And it worked fabulously! The only problem was that the joining stitches of the crochet circle looked really ugly so I had to cover it with something. And that’s when I came up with the idea of a top hat. Then came the idea of sewing a transparent button to make it look like a monocle. And our gentleman was complete!