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October 30, 2012

Santa Giovanna d’Arco

Joan of Arc statue in Rome

I spent kurban bayram in Italy with friends. On our last day in Rome, I came across this statue while looking for the Aventine Keyhole. We were on a hurry to visit all the places on our list before airport transfer so I didn’t really pause to have good look around. But the expression on the statue’s face caught my eye. She looked so serene in her simplicity. Later I got one of my friends to take a picture of me with it imitating the same expression (no, I won’t post it here because I failed miserably). It’s only now as I thought of posting it here that I zoomed in to look for a name. “Santa Giovanna d’Arco” is the inscription. I ran a search on Google images and there you have it… It’s Joan of Arc pronounced in Italian. One really should treasure life’s little serendipities such as this one. I have always liked the character of Joan of Arc ever since I found out about it because her character might have been an inspiration for Rose of Versailles‘ Oscar. I was fascinated by her story, which resulted in a small obsession phase including encyclopedia searches and watching movie (directed by Luc Besson) and TV (starring Leelee Sobieski) adaptations. And years later, in the most unlikely place and time, I found myself drawn to her statue without knowing its identity. I feel like I should be grateful. I really am.