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January 6, 2013

Güz Rüzgarı: Four Seasons Without Wind

This is a small spark of inspiration I ‘jotted down’ (on the Notes application on my iPhone, hah!). It’s part of a story I came up with when I was in middle school. It started as a short story for some homework project, but then it got bigger as I grew older. But the core characters and their characteristics remain the same. Let me be very elaborate on the plot so that I don’t give away anything in case someone steals my idea (apparently this paranoid parrot is so full of herself!): it’s a modern (and somewhat paranormal) love story between two soul mates, namely autumn and wind. Autumn is a girl (Güz, a girl’s name in Turkish meaning autumn, duh!) and wind (Rüzgar, not a name, just means ‘wind’ in Turkish) is well… wind. Literally but somehow personified.

Rüzgar has left Güz for unknown reasons (I’m yet to find a reason for that!) and now she’s suffering over her lost love. The following passage tells the different phases she goes through in the year following the separation. The English version is translated from the Turkish original. I was surprised with how smoothly and quickly it went. Must have been the fastest translation I did in my whole life. I’m wondering if it was because I wrote the original. Weird…

by Tuana İdil Karyağdı

English translation (PDF)

Yazan: Tuana İdil Karyağdı

Turkish original (PDF)