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September 25, 2012

I believe an introduction is in order

I can’t believe I’m writing this at work. *gasp* How naughty of me!

Hello and welcome to Ribbons Undone, my personal blog. Why? Because livejournal won’t do for me anymore. The Happii Journal shall remain as an archive of my previous posts. If I sound like an avid blogger, don’t get me wrong. I hardly ever post anything. But lately I found myself wanting a personal space for myself on the web to share my thoughts and things of interest to me. Like a book series review I’m gonna post soon. You can say that I set up this blog just to share that review perhaps but there are other things as well (and hopefully there will be in the future!)

I will post an introduction post on me as well later on but for now that seems to be all. One can assume from my lack of enthusiasm to prolong and deepen this introductory rambling and from my loss for words (I love Mac’s Dictionary app. It’s my new best friend. For real.) that I am merely making this post to check if the layout is to my liking. Oh, how I always have an ulterior motive for doing everything!