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August 30, 2013

A cartoonist’s advice translated!

Happy Victory Day! So the procrastination syndrome continues to ail me… But it is yielding some very surprising results as well. First I reorganized my iTunes library (which I had been postponing for 2 years). Then I cooked (yes, COOKED!). In the meantime, I read (but haven’t yet reviewed) four amazing works by Madeline Hunter (The Saint is my latest guilty treat to read in my supposedly nonexistent free time). Finally, last night I came across this wonderful comic strip of Gavin Aung Than, inspired by a speech of Bill Watterson, on a friend’s feed and decided to translate it into Turkish! Click here for the original version.


November 7, 2012

Yeah, really why?

Cartoon by Bestie. Couldn’t have expressed it better… That is the wonderful feeling of being immersed in a romance novel.