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April 23, 2013

Desk bunny

Meet Desk Bunny!

I came across this adorable desk organizer at a random stationary shop. Leaving aside the gorgeous design, the mere fact that it’s in the shape of a bunny compelled me to buy it naturally. As this one was the only one left at the shop (it was on display but still in good shape) I even got a discount, yay!

I thought I’d bring it to work first but then changed my mind for fear that it might get lost or something. So stays on my desk at home (although here, as you can see from the stone tiles, it’s taking a little stroll in the balcony).

December 6, 2012

Very calm… and cuddly!

I love rabbits! I don’t think I mentioned this before. They are wonderful creatures (like Lisa Kleypas’ Poppy Hathaway!). They are quiet and appear perhaps a bit lacking in interaction but in fact they are very social. They will play games with you and seek your attention when you try to ignore them. They are quiet, cuddly and they like to be in pairs. So far pretty much like me…

I came across these gorgeous rabbit prints when looking for inspiration to change my phone theme. The second one is currently my lock page wallpaper.

by Suzy Taylor

by KeepCalmAndStayGold

Sorry about the horrible contrast this shade of green has with my layout color. I love many shades of green and this is one of them. But when it’s that close to the shade I use on my layout, it really hurts my eyes.